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Herzlich Wilkommen!

Kaffee, Kultur, Kirchen... und Corona? Follow along my Viennese adventure, one rambling musing at a time!


(Out and) About

I'm an Erasmus Student at the Universität Wien, having decided to trade the dusty bookshelves of the University of Cambridge for all the adventures a year in the heart of the Central Europe would bring. I'm interested in Austrian Literature, European Politics, and delicious slices of cake. I've always loved reading travelogues and memoirs, and thought I'd better carpe diem and start my own. If you'd like to be notified when there's a new post, do subscribe down below!

You can find more of my writing over on muckrack: Anna Whitehead | Varsity Journalist | Muck Rack 


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Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe